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Volleyball uniforms say a lot about the team it represents. It's important when you're designing your team's uniform that it represents the style and team spirit you want to convey, but knowing the rules can ensure that your team is in compliance with general rulings, but remember that rules can vary from one organization to another. The following are general rules that you can expect your organization to have to be in compliance with, gleaned from various sources.

High School Volleyball Uniforms

The Basics: A standard high school volleyball uniform consists of jersey, shorts, gym shoes, socks and knee pads.

Jersey: No midriff, may tuck in, or hang below waist.

Undergarments: The color of undergarments must match primary color of uniform.

Numbers, logos and trademarks

Number location: Not more than 5 inches below shoulder seam.

Front number: at least 4 inches, contrasting color with top.

Back number: at least 6 inches, contrasting color with top.

Number width: Not less than 3/4 inches at narrowest point.

Number border width: No more than 1/2 inch at widest point, trim solid color, may have 2 colors.

Number range: not more than 2 digits.

Number may be used on pants but must be same as top.

Shoes and Accessories

Shoes are required.

Headbands: Must be no wider than 2 inches.

Undecorated flat clips no longer than 2 inches may be used to secure hair.

College Volleyball Uniform Rules

Note: The following is from the 2009 NCAA Women's Volleyball Rules and Interpretations; Rules 7 and 12. Current rulings can be downloaded at the NCAA site for a nominal fee. NCAA does not currently publish the official rules for collegiate male volleyball, but sources say that rules are similar. For details about women's volleyball 2009 uniform rules, see official rules at www.volleyball.com.

Players' Equipment, Rule 7, pp. 37-41.

A women's standard volleyball uniform consists of jersey, shorts or briefs, pants or culottes, either one or two-piece. Gym shoes are required but not considered a part of the volleyball uniform. Uniforms must be of the same color and style, with exceptions.

Numbers, Logos and Trademarks

Jersey must visibly display a number at least 4 inches high on the front, and 6 inches high and centered on the back, both numbers being the same, and at least 3/4 inches wide at the narrowest point. Team players' numbers must all be the same color and size.

Manufacturer's logos and lettering on ladies' volleyball uniforms do not have to be identical. Since shoes, socks, and knee pads are not considered part of the uniform, they do not have to be identical. Exposed undergarments must meet certain standards.

Apparel worn at a competition by student athletes may contain only one manufacturer or distributor's logo or trademark on the outside of clothing regardless of visibility. It must be contained within a 2-1/4-square parameter.

Commemorative patches and special insignias can be worn as long as they are safe, are consistent with all every uniform on the team, does not obstruct a number, and is contained within one square inches.

Jewelry and Headgear

It is illegal to wear anything or any equipment that might present a danger to players, or to put a player at an unfair advantage including headgear, jewelry (except for religious or medical medals) casts and braces. Allowable medals must be removed from chains and secured beneath the uniform.

No jewelry. Only hair pieces that secure the hair are allowed. Head or sweatbands are acceptable. Beads in braided hair must be secure.

Miscellaneous Articles

Hard splints and medical equipment must be padded. Artificial limbs are alright as long as they're safe and don't place other players at a disadvantage.

For details, and information about actions in the event a player fails to comply, see Rule 7.

Rule 12; this rule applies to the libero player, one who is allowed to substitute a regular player in the back row, with restrictions. Libero players must wear a jersey that contrasts all other teammate's uniforms, but must display a visible number. For details about libero uniforms, see official NCAA rules, pp. 62-63.

Changes to the 2009 NCAA Women's Volleyball Rules and Interpretations regarding uniforms:

Players must retain the same number except in the case of damaged jerseys (Rule, p. 36). For details, see NCAA 2010-2011 Volleyball Rules Changes.

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